We create exclusive fences for extraordinary clients



Our company has been producing and selling fences for 20 years now.

For 12 years now we have been producing our own fencing systems based on our own patented technical solutions.




In order to cater for the current architecture trends, we have created for you a few products, that we believe will satisfy the needs of the most demanding customers when it comes to form, technology and quality.

While we were creating those technical solutions we wanted them to be unique, which might not seem to be the case for an average Joe, but for a demanding customer they will be obviously unique.

We mean here the way the elements are joined, the combination of technical and material solutions, and the use of natural materials in a technical form that we have not seen before.

A few presented products are a base for further development of the trend. It provides a starting point for countless technical and architectural solutions.

Our products are modular in nature, which for unique customers means, that they can carry out the most original technical solutions. This in turn will make the fence, already being a pride of residence, even more distinguished.



That opportunity will come in handy for a creative architect who can design a unique spacial form compatible with the current trends and the building’s character.

“First impressions are the most lasting” says the proverb, so one cannot miss the opportunity to impress with the residence’s “business card” or even worse, let it be unseen or interpreted as “common”. Often times our guests drive up to fence that surrounds our property, so that the driveway is the only element to be seen, because the building itself is hidden behind greenery. This is why a fence which is thought to be a “business card” of our property should be classy.

Our experience obligates us to pay incredible attention to quality and durability of products that we offer.

Our unique technical solutions guarantee a product that is strong, stable and robust, and thanks to an adequate coating they last for years.

Our products are available with hot- dip galvanized finish or galvanized and powder coated finish (complete RAL colour standard). The vast majority of colours are included in standardized pricelist and only a few unique colours are charged extra.


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